Executive Message

Aiming for the best quality through continuous improvement Portrait

In a vast and growing market like Vietnam, Thien My Industries Co., Ltd. was founded to meet the demand of corrosion resistance plating and decorative plating inside and outside the country as well as to improve the plating industry in Vietnam. We are currently applying the most advanced plating technologies in the world such as: direct plating on plastic, alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating, zinc-nickel plating, and Chromium (III) chromating. In addition, we have a plastic injection molding and painting workshop to satisfy particular needs of our customers.

Based on philosophy “Striving towards Perfection”, we have continuously improved all aspects of our business: from the plating process, quality control, to applying 5S principles and periodically maintaining machines and equipment. Our plating products are being widely used in Vietnam, 30% of which are exported overseas. We are proud to serve the most prestigious and demanding customers like Honda, Yamaha, Toyota, Sony, Suzuki; and most recently, Thien My became an official supplier for the Italian motorcycle manufacturer: Piaggio. We guarantee to provide our customers with the best quality products, timely delivery, and reasonable price.

Along with improving our quality and brand image, we are also shaping our company culture based on the principles of service, business ethics, and social responsibility. All staff and employees at Thien My work with self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and competition while maintaining a family atmosphere between the members. We stress the importance of creating jobs in the areas that we do business and improving the well-being of our employees. Besides, we make a serious commitment to treating all toxic substances before releasing them to the environment to ensure a sustainable development for our company and the society as a whole.

I look forward to speaking with you about our business opportunities as well as receiving your feedback about our business.

Thank you and best regards!


Nguyen Duy Nguyen

Founding Director